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Cushions made of velvet have always occupied a special place in homes around the world. And that's because since the 14th century, humanity has always had an endless love affair with the velvet fabric. In modern times, velvet fabric cushions continue to up the ante in many designer homes, available from providers such as evans lichfield cushions.

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Black Velvet and Other Velvety Fascinations 

Velvet is a kind of woven fabric that is microscopically comprised of threads closely woven together as to form a smooth, dense mass. This process is what imbues velvet materials with smoothness if not silkiness. Although not all velvet fabrics are made from silk such as velvet fabric cushions, people have always associated most velvet with silk. 

The Many Kinds of Velvet in the Market Today

Prior to the advent of industrialized weaving machines, velvet used to be very hard to make and hence very expensive to purchase. Yet even during these modern times, things have not changed. Pure velvet is still sought after and hence, cost more money than say a cotton, polyester or rayon fabric. 

How the Modern Household Can Benefit from the Velvet Effect 

The most cost-effective velvet today has cotton added into the woven mix. For as cotton is added to the equation, the velvety soft complexion of the fabric tends to diminish. On the other hand, the combination of rayon and silk is still considered a pricey version. 

In interior home design, old-fashioned velvet can be used to highlight important parts of the structure. The hearth, for example, can have an emblematic appeal by having velvet banners or drapes hang atop. This gives the spot a distinctive Old English if not royal appeal. After all, velvet was traditionally used to adorn altars, dress the clergy, and give that anointed look to parliamentary chambers. 

Velvet for Highlights

At home, providing your guests with access to velvet fabric cushions on a cold day can have a hugely welcoming effect. Take note, however, that most authentic velvet can only be dry cleaned. Hence, care must be taken to avoid stains or any kind of fabric bruising so as to maintain the look and feel of the material concerned. 

Future Velvet

Likewise, many incarnations of velvet applications continue to attract the flair of avant-garde interior decorators and fashionistas alike, bringing an old appeal into the mainstream. Stretch velvet, which is achieved by adding spandex into the mix, has been steadily gaining in popularity. And the same goes for chiffon, the transparent velvet that inspires a lot of haute couture designers to this day. 

In the home setting, chiffon makes curtains a lot more sophisticated and appealing. Meanwhile, world-famous Italian velvet like Lucca or Genoa continues to provide lasting accentuation for the most flattering furniture of the house. Panne, Ciselé or Nacré are just some more velvet inspirations worth experimenting with as far as home interiors are concerned.